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Who We Are

Over the past years, we have helped families enjoy solid personalized education options that helped their children succeed, no matter their goal or area of interest

  • We are one of the world’s most affordable K-12 accredited ONLINE school.
  • LOVED by over 800 plus students and trusted by parents in in 10 plus countries in the Middle East and GCC.
  • We help fulfill your child’s dreams by providing attention to each and every student separately.
  • We are not just a school, we are a family, and we would like you to be part of this happy family.

We use technology to your child best advantage and our classrooms are full of learning, motivation and fun. We find what inspires each and every students and we make our students feel valued.

What We Do

For our children, a world of possibilities awaits. If we are to send them out to explore beyond the bounds of our neighborhoods, we must prepare them for the journey—mentally, emotionally and linguistically. For a child capable of learning a language and absorbing a culture beyond their own will thrive anywhere they go.

Why Choose Our Institution?

We, the community of London International School, strive to create an environment that will support the intellectual, cultural, physical, social and emotional growth of our students.

We believe that our efforts will enable our students, as global citizens, to succeed and consequently contribute throughout their lifetime to the betterment of themselves, their community and society at large.

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